There is a very 'suit to nuts' kind of personality to Buell Advertising – one part buttoned-down and the other part in need of a straightjacket. Bruce Buell

It's all about

At Buell Advertising, we appreciate the accountability that comes with working from concept to creation, planning to execution of the media plan, and then continuing to fine tune to get the best return on investment for our clients. Larger agencies can’t afford to have employees who are adept at each area of the advertising process. We can’t afford not to be that way. They have specialists who focus on one thing. That may work for them, but we like to see the whole picture at once and how it will all work together.

Primary elements of our focus

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Talent
  • Media Buying

Sometimes it’s the chicken, and then the egg

...other times it’s the reverse order. As long as the strategy is sound, the creative can drive the campaign or the media plan can take the lead.