Advertising is a real left brain + right brain activity. From the way it is conceived to the way it is received, you need to use and appeal to both sides at once. Rocket science? No. Brain surgery? Absolutely. Bruce Buell

1. Get their attention. 2. Promise or claim. 3. Give them a logical reason to buy. 4. Call to action. Clear message must come through. Words, sounds, music, visuals, connection that resonates.


Planning & Buying. Who are we trying to reach; audience? Methodology - where, when, how much to buy? Demographic, geographic, psychographic, synchrographic, etc.


Choosing talent, paying for it, directing talent.


Goals. Strategy & tactics in both the media and creative. Reach & frequency. Multiple impressions against the same target customer.


Budgeting, negotiation, lowest price is not always the best price.

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